50K Map and 10K course information

50K Course Information

Check out the attached Garmin Forerunner 110 map of the course for the 50K. As you will note this is showing as a 15.24 mile loop. Most likely we will tweak at the end of the loop to make sure we right on with the 50K distance. You will do the loop twice. As you check out the elevation gain and loss, things are pretty even…this is a GREAT rolling course that includes stream crossings, awesome single track, double, some rocky dirt roads and more beauty than you can handle! Part of the course is pretty remote…you won’t see too many folks out there…peaceful, beautiful, great terrain! The other part of the course is our Hickory Mtn. 10K course! Awesome trails, more activity, loads of fun. Lots of folks around to cheer you on and help keep you focused on your task!

Check out this link
DuPont State Forest map

Text directions for the loop
Start – Guion Farm access off of Sky Valley Rd.
Run down Buck Forest Rd. and take first left onto Thomas Cemetery. Take next left onto Tarkiln Bridge, go right onto Sandy Trail and then another right onto Grassy Creek Trail.

Take Grassy Creek trail to a left onto Joanna Rd. Take next left onto Grassy Meadow Trail and then a right turn back onto Joanna Rd. Take next left onto Briery Fork Trail and then a left onto Joanna Rd. Follow Joanna Rd. to Conservation Rd.

Take a right turn onto Conservation and then a right turn onto Buck Forest. Follow Buck Forest and take a left onto Issac Heath Trail and then a left onto Jim Branch. Go right on Lake imaging, right on Ridgeline Trail and then go clockwise on Hickory Mtn. loop…follow to Hickory Mtn. Rd. Take a left on Boundary, go right on Guion and then left back onto Hickory Mtn. Rd. Follow to Buck Forest.

10K Course Information

The Garmin info for the 10K course will be up soon…in the meantime here are the text directions for your running pleasure!

Start – Buck Forest at Guion Farm access, run down Buck Forest and take a right on Jim Branch.  Descend this beautiful trail and take a right on Lake Imaging, then shortly after you will take a right on Ridgeline trail.  This is where things get interesting…you will climb Ridgeline for about 1.5 miles and then take Hickory Mtn. loop (clockwise) – challenging, signature loop!  Take the loop back around to Hickory Mtn. Rd and then a left onto Boundary trail and a right onto Guion Trail.  Follow back to Hickory Mtn. Rd and go left…you are almost home!  Take HM Rd. to Buck Forest and go left to the finish line!  Well done.  Make sure to leave your watch behind!  It’s about quality, hardwork, and fun!

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6 Responses to 50K Map and 10K course information

  1. Bart Smith says:

    Thanks for the information and course description; nicely done.
    Any idea when the work will be completed on the Ridgeline Trail? As of 7/9 it was pretty torn up with equipment moving dirt and grading of the trail.

  2. Frank Thomas says:

    Regarding the elevation profile, is the garmin data pretty accurate, 2,400 feet? Since the course in in Blue Ridge mountains I expected more elevation change, but it seems the course is all from 700 to 900 feet elevation. Any idea how does this course compare to the Stump Jump in Chattanooga? Thanks for your help.


    Frank Thomas

  3. Caroline says:

    I was looking over the course map/garmin route and comparing to the text directions and was curious as to whether Twin Oaks is included in the loop? It looks like it is from the Garmin route, but it’s not included in the txt. Could you confirm that one way or the other?


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